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Safeway System, once called Chinasafe Equipment

Safeway  Inspection  System  Limited, Shenzhen Tian He Shi Dai Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. in Chinese, was established in 2008, is  a  national  high-tech  enterprise  specialized  in  security inspection and EOD equipment. After ten years rapid development, we have 3 production sites in Shenzhen. The production area is around 100,000 m2, including a 3,000 m2 dust-free workshop. Branch offices are set up in all major cities in China to provide 7x24 on time service. We become the Chairman Member of China’s Security Inspection and EOD Industry Alliance in Aug. 2018, showing the recognition by peer companies.


Aiming to become a 100-years-old manufacturer, we take the quality as the first priority. As a certified company with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certificates, we follow the strict Standard Operating Procedure to make the most reliable equipment, from product design and raw materials control to processing assembly and various tests before delivery. All our products have passed the inspection of China Ministry of Public Security and other authoritative organizations. We have certificates of FDA, CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH required by the international market. We start working on the aviation certificate required by most airport clients.

Over 10,000 units of X-ray baggage scanners were delivered every year, ranking the first in China. Being an integrated manufacturer, our production starts from metal processing and x-ray generator, which assures reliable quality and competitive price. We also produce and delivered Walk through metal detector, Hand held metal detector, Explosives & narcotics detector, Dangerous liquids detector, Vehicle inspection system, Road barrier block and Explosive disposal device, etc. We have won many big tenders by metro, railway and high speed railway, court and law enforcement, logistic companies and big events. In the oversea market, our products are delivered to port, law enforcement, office building, factory, hotel, event, and airports.

We keep on investing in R&D. Our products are designed by us with software copyright. We extend our product lines by new products, and provide customized products according to clients requirement. Besides our own R&D team, we cooperate with famous research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Atomic Energy, the Institute of Atomic Energy of Tsinghua University, the South China University of Technology  and  institute  from  the United  Kingdom,  the  United  States, Germany, and Sweden to design new products with latest technologies.


安天下, An Tian Xia in Chinese which means to make a safe world,  is the most famous brand in China's security inspection market, owned by Safeway Inspection System Limited. We use several more brands for marketing, including An Tian Xia, Tian Xi, Chinasafe Equipment,  ATXscan, Safeway System, Secu Scan, etc.. We are open to be the OEM partner and have delivered our products to many countries under our partners’ brands. As a large scale manufacturer, we are the right choice of OEM partners. 


Safeway Inspection System Company Limited, Shenzhen Zhong Ke Guo An Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. in Chinese, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Safeway  Inspection  System  Limited. It was established in 2013 to export the equipment, once called Chinasafe Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd. After several years international marketing, we have exclusive distributors in Turkey and Russia. We are looking for partners to distribute our products in other countries. 

Join us in this sunrise industry and win business growth together.

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