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Dual View and Three View


Tunnel   size(mm)813(L)*650.5(W)
Conveyor   Speed(m/s)0.22
Conveyor   height(mm) 301
Conveyor Max   Load(kgs)200
Frame   materials304 stainless steel,   2-3mm cold rolled plate and square steel
X ray dose   per each inspection≤4.8μGy
X ray   leakage ≤1μGy / h
Penetration32 mm steel
Wire   ResolutionHorizontal   view: dia 0.079mm copper wire (AWG40)
    Downward view: dia 0.127mm copper wire (AWG36)
Penetration   Resolutiondia   0.254mm copper wire (AWG30) under three-step aluminum wedge 9.5mm, 15.9mm,   22.2mm
Spatial   resolution:Horizontal:dia   1.3mm, Vertical: dia 1.3mm
Power   Consumptionmax. 1.5KW

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Data sheet Safeway System AT8065D X-ray baggage scanner.pdf

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