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Our Research & Development Center (R&D Center) is located in the Futian International E-Commerce Industrial Park and has nearly 1,000 square meters of office space and laboratories.

Our R&D team is strong and currently has doctoral, master's, undergraduate and other scientific and technical personnel as well as more than 150 senior software and hardware engineers and experienced management personnel.

At the same time, we collaborate well-known research centers and experts locally and abroad, like Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Atomic Energy Research Institute , Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Physics, Shenzhen Institute of Tsinghua University, South China University of Technology and other scientific research institutions from United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Sweden.

We are continuously investing in new product development as well as customizing our products to meet the special requirement by clients. In 2018,  x-ray baggage scanner across the conveyor enters into every express company in a dramatic speed. We are grateful to our clients who guide us to detonate the market demand.

Please come to us when you have specific requirement.

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